Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christchurch, New Zealand

It is Thursday evening..........

We blog last night. The hotel in Auckland had wireless but wanted to charge $$$$ and it was very late and so we said 'Forget It'.

This morning we flew into Christchurch where we were met by our new friends, Bob and Evelyn Meikle. This delightful couple are friends of my sister's and have stayed in her home many times off and on since the 80's. They volunteered to take us under their wing and guide us as to the activities we should undertake here on the south island of New Zealand, mostly based on weather patterns. Obviously we haven't a lot of time and we want to see it all, so I imagine we will have to come back some day.

Duff still isn't up to par having experienced some abdominal distress since last Sunday. After getting in today he took a nap for a couple of hours and Evelyn and I walked to the mall nearby. (If in doubt shop!!) No, really we went for groceries and while there we wandered through a couple of nearby stores. This afternoon Bob took us on a driving tour of Christchurch. This is beautiful country....lush scenery ....lots of sheep (well we are in New Zealand) We will make a decision in the morning after seeing how Duff feels and what the weather is doing as to just what direction we will head.

Attached is a picture of our gracious hosts! We are really enjoying them.....thanks Miriam for sharing.

More to you all tomorrow!!

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Ken Mayberger said...

Bob and Eveyn were great friends.
They visited us 3 times in Napes, FL. We lost touch with them when SKYPE crashed on us two years ago. We would very much like to be in touch with them agin. If you would be so kind as to let them know we are trying to reach them and give them our
Thank you very much
Ken Mayberger and Pennie Crawford