Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another beautiful day at CLTC

Have we sufficiently described how beautiful this country is? Today I just kept taking it all in! The blue sky with beautiful white billowy clouds, lush green mountains, flowers growing every where. I think even I (Mary) could plant something and have it grow in the rich black soil that is here. Sure if you look down and close you see things that are not clean...especially beside the road as you travel from place to place. (Off campus) I noted signs several places on campus, apparently made by the school children, re. Keep CLTC not throw rubbish.

Today after I came from class Patrick stopped me and told me there had been a security breach and not to walk home alone. A fellow had stopped a faculty member on the road on the way back from Kudjip Hospital and then came on here to the campus and got through security at the gate somehow. Instructions were to 'lock your doors and take precaution'. Apparently when turned down for a job they get angry and pushy (for lack of a better word). Some have been given 2nd chances and they blow it by stealing etc. and still want to be rehired.

Jan leads AWANA for the children and tonight was crazy hair night...they were all decked out. About 80 kids learning about the Bible and memorizing many verses throughout the year. They are so enthusiastic!! See picture. We walked home in the dark together.... all worries about the earlier security out of our minds.

Next week we will be taking a 4 day trip with Jan and Patrick and family. We leave Thursday morning and return Sunday evening. The road we will be traveling is not always safe & not always negotiable. Please pray for safe travel, good roads and vehicle reliablility.

We're including a couple of pictures. One of Awana tonight and one taken a few days ago in front of the campus grocery store.

Take care,

Mary and Jim

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