Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A sunny, windy day at CLTC

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beginning at 9:00 this morning Mary was involved with a large (65+) group (pic) of Pidgin speaking women (some of whom understand a limited amount of English), who are the wives of students or workers here at CLTC. These women gathered with their preschoolers to hear the clinic nurse, Joy, speak to them (of course in Pidgin) regarding different health issues and especially those pertaining to women. Even with the distraction of children these women were quite attentive and most appreciative to have the opportunity in such a setting to ask questions or make comments regarding their health.

After this meeting Mary came back to the house and caught up on some ‘domestics’ which are easy to push aside when on the go all the time!

Duff is much better and was able to help the IT department today. He is looking forward to the arrival of a new all in one printer, fax, copier scanner which should arrive by truck from Ukarumpa tomorrow. He will be setting this up tomorrow. This piece of equipment was flown in from Cains, AU by MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) to Ukarumpa. CLTC sends a truck with eggs to the grocery store in Ukarumpa and will bring this new equipment back. This delivery took less than a week from the order date. This is amazing considering how isolated CLTC is here in the Western Highlands.

I mentioned eggs…. CLTC sells day old chicks, as well as eggs (not sure how many ‘layers’ but a large number) and this is their major source of income to subsidize student activities.

Mary delivered some more medical supplies to the clinic today which were recently shipped from our home church in Avondale Estates. Mary stopped by AWANA this afternoon and we are including a picture of Jan with part of the AWANA kids this evening.

We commented today that by now most all the men and women we meet on the road or in the buildings around campus are familiar to us because we have engaged in conversation in some setting. We truly feel we will be leaving new friends behind when we leave next week. Our prayer is that we have made a difference while here!!

Sending our love ………
Mary and Jim

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