Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, here two weeks today............

Today I spent time researching Women's Health Issues. Those who know me know that isn't my area of specialization. However, it has become apparent that many women here at CLTC desire more information regarding what's happening with their bodies and why.

Gay is a lady from Australia who has just returned to CLTC. She discovered this need, so she and I met today. I had done some Internet research and then we went to the library here on campus to see if there were any books a woman could check out that might answer her health questions. There were several copies of one book which is basic but covers many topics, Where There is No Doctor; a village health care handbook, complete with lots of illustrations. After contacting a friend of mine from nursing school and getting more web sites I have more info. It is wonderful to have the computer to reach the outside world!!

Tomorrow I am riding to Kudjip Hospital to spend the day. I'm not sure what I will get to do or see but I'm open to anything, if it will help them. We still have several boxes of supplies to take to them and I'm sure that will happen before we leave!

This evening we enjoyed dinner with the Halls and several others. I'm constantly amazed at all Jan Hall does!! She is home schooling 3 children, entertains students and staff and is the director of the AWANA program (80+ kids), she has been organizing my schedule and making contacts on our behalf! I'm sure there is much much more!! (Bakes all their bread, makes yogurt, etc.) What a woman!!

Well that's it for tonight. I'm sure I will have much more to convey tomorrow! Here is a picture of Jim standing next to our side door....the scene behind him is what we see from our kitchen and living room windows. Isn't it beautiful?

Our best to all,
Mary and Jim


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Duffie! This is Ronald Foster's daughter, Elaine Foster. It sounds like y'all are having a blast! And I'm so excited for you that you'll be seeing New Zealand! I'd love to reccomend a few spots to see if you don't already have a set itinerary. :)
Good on ya! ;) have fun!
-elaine (

Anonymous said...

Hi Duffies,
Does that beautiful view make you want to just stay in PNG????
Your blog site is ever expanding to
other viewers. Scott's next door
neighbor recently started following
your blogs, showing her home schooled children your reports.
Nice to know others realize Jan's worth!!!!!
Gail & Jon

Anonymous said...

Still enjoying the daily reports --and pictures!
Love, Ann K.

Gerald K said...

Enjoying your travelogue. I hope PNG is having more rain than we are. Our drought is worsening. We're trying to drink less. :)

Gerald K