Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well we wrote our blog for the w/e on Monday so it is now late on the evening of Tuesday the 23rd. I will say Happy Birthday to my sister Miriam!

I did not mention it yesterday but Duff has been sick. He started with a fever early Monday morning and ached all over ..... this was after several days with what felt like a sinus infection. Of course here in PNG with a fever like that everyone is afraid of malaria. We do not think that is it at all and he has started on an antibiotic. Hopefully he is on the mend but he has missed the last two days working with the IT department.

Today I rode the school bus and after dropping the kids at high school the driver took me on to Kudjip Hospital. I once again worked helping the OR supervisor sorting out medical supplies in an effort to get their 2nd OR ready for the Eye team coming in from Australia the first week in November. We finished all we could do about 11:30 and so I observed Dr. Jim in surgery again. This case was colon cancer and I can't imagine how long this women had put off seeing the Dr. This is often the case here in PNG. They aren't anxious to go to the Dr and they don't take their children soon enough either.

After the surgery I was waiting in front of the hospital for my ride and a young woman approached me and asked where I was from...after a few minutes of conversation I discovered it was the daughter of the woman whose surgery I had been watching. They had a baby in a bilum (which is how they often carry their babies) and I asked if I could take a picture. Then I took a picture of the entire family who were waiting on the lawn. (See Pics)

Patrick picked me up this afternooon and gave me a ride back to CLTC. After dinner tonight I co-led the second session with some of the women regarding health issues. This session was for single women and there were about 27 who attended. About 4 missionaries and the clinic nurse also shared and helped answer some of the questions they had. All seemed to appreciate the information and now will hopefully feel a bit more comfortable discussing these such topics . In the morning we will hold the third session for non English speaking women and so since it will be in Pidgen I know I won't have as much to add!

More later............

Mary and Jim


Anonymous said...

Get well Duffie!! There are a lot of computers at the USO waiting on your return.

We missed your blogs while you were
on the road sightseeing and glad to have the reports back.

Gail & Jon

jeanne dillinger, Emory CLH said...

Hi Mary, I was deleting emails when i found your blog message. I have only read the last weeks blogs and really enjoyed. Yes, we Americans are 'super rich' compared with the rest of the world. we also can read the Bible and share with believers in unrestricted freedom. So why don't we speak and stand firm against the evil of the world? Pray for my left hip pain that put me in the ER 10/12. Off for a week , now back to work. Miss you.
Jeanne(one of the two elderly white ladies!)