Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday... Preparing for Friday October 12

This morning we joined Patrick's small group at their house. There were 8 male students. We shared with them about ourselves and families and they with us. One student by the name of Titus needs prayers that things will work out for him to be able to return to the Solomon Islands after graduation. There are logistical problems which he is working on but still hasn't solved it all. Remember Titus.

Well my First Aid class is over tomorrow. We had class this morning and closed with a few minutes of review for their test tomorrow. Tomorrow I will get some pictures and send with the next blog. Tomorrow evening we will have a party here for the ladies. Another opportunity for pictures.

The clinic here at CLTC gets busy in the afternoons. There is a separate entrance and waiting area for the pregnant women. Also for the Family Planning Clinic. However, the nurse sees both sides. She is really stretched at times. (I know that feeling... not for the same reason)

We are in the process of working on a schedule for me for the next 2 weeks so that I can possibly spend some time at Kudjip Hospital.

This evening we watched a DVD movie on my computer...we brought several DVDs but this was the first we stopped to watch one. Many 'pauses' while I was baking cookies for the party tomorrow night.

Here are a couple of pictures taken since we arrived.....our house for the month and the local coffee shop. :):)

More tomorrow,
Mary and Jim

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Ron said...

That house looks fancy!! Nice landscaping...sorry haven't written in a while, but keeping up wih your adventures. Love you guys.