Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Another beautiful day in paradise!"

Our title is exactly what Mary says each morning here!!

We started our morning with coffee of course followed by coffee with Patrick at the Halls. After which Jan, Patrick, Mary and Jim went for a walking tour of the campus. Why you ask did you wait until 2 days before leaving to do that? Well we started one Sunday afternoon and the rain came (just as it does most evenings) so we turned back.

We walked by student housing and then up on Vision Hill (with all the cows.) Vision Hill is where the founder of CLTC stood when he viewed the land and envisioned the layout of the campus for the future CLTC. From here you get a panorama view of the entire campus which is a working farm as well. This is a total of 400 acres. We went to the hatchery where we saw day old chicks (they sell 40,000 a month). We saw the chickens raised to sell. We saw the slaughtering plant for cows and for chickens. CLTC is now growing rice and we walked by the rice patties. We also walked to the Waghi River where Mary stuck her hand in and then was told that water analysis showed Typhoid is in the water!

This evening we had dinner with the Halls and celebrated Patrick breaking his “sweets” fast. We also tried for the first time some sugar cane! Of course we get a picture of all ‘firsts’!!!

Now we face the challenges of packing up for our return trip. We at least started this evening and will complete this tomorrow after church. We will be visiting a village church in the morning where we will be sitting on the floor for the service. Patrick assured us it will not be a long service but Duff asked if we would be provided a crane to help us up.

Pictures included are of student housing, the inside of a kitchen which 4 families share, the 4 of us on top of Vision Hill and a couple of the women gardening.
More later!
Mary & Jim

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