Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunny Sunday at CLTC, Banz, PNG

We woke this morning to a beautiful sky here in PNG….I know we keep saying that but it is really overwhelming. Once the sun is up it gets warm quickly. We walked to church about 9:45. Some of the men were having a retreat this w/e and so it was a different worship team leading the service. We had communion at the end of the service.

This afternoon we had some down time (Duff managed a short nap while I read.) I made some tortillas this afternoon for tacos this evening. This was new to me but Jan had given me her recipe and they came out good other than they were not all round but were various shapes!

This afternoon Karis (71/2) came down and visited with us. She wanted to play games and after she grew bored beating me she decided she wanted to play ‘Duffie’. She is a joy to be around and we get to grandparent (just a little) away from home!

Evening worship for the Halls is in the prayer chapel and the service is in Pidgin. Jan, Kristin and I went and Rita, one of my (First Aid) students brought the message. She used the scripture from Matthew about salt and light. Although I did not understand pidgin I was able to follow some because I knew her subject and picked up on various words. It was a small group and the music was great!

This picture was taken this morning just before going into church of me, Jan, Kristin (13), Benjamin (11) and Karis (7). The bag I am carrying is the bilum my class gave me Friday evening.

More later, sending our best to all!!
Jim and Mary

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