Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another day at the hospital. October 17, 2007

Leaving CLTC early, riding the school bus to Banz and then changing vehicles I rode on to Kudjip. After changing into some scrubs I started helping Margaret (O.R. supervisor) to empty some of the boxes seen at the right. After 4 hours we had made an impact ... we probably had 1/3 of it done. I took my PB&J sandwich and went to the Radcliffe's house and joined them for lunch...(previous invitation yesterday.) After lunch I had no help to continue working in that O.R. (and the temp was so high I was getting a headache- no air moving) I hung around the break room and read until they started an emergency C-section, then I went in and watched until the baby was delivered. My ride back to CLTC was due at 3:30 so I waited outside and the scene to the left was what I saw. People are lined up at 8 am around that wall waiting to be seen. They are given a number and they sit around on the grass and wall with family, waiting sometimes hours. There is a sheltered waiting area for some (I think if they have paid they can wait there.) And we complain if we have to wait past the appt. time in an air conditioned waiting room with comfortable seats.
We leave with the Halls in the morning (18th) for a 3 night 4 day trip to Goroka and Ukarumpa (spelling may not be correct.) We will have lunch Thursday at the Bird of Paradise (found in PNG) Hotel. This will be our first meal in a restaurant in a couple of weeks.........have not really missed it!! We are taking our b'fast food and lunch food with us. Next blog will be Sunday evening...I'm sure we'll have new pictures and lots to report.
Duff reports that his day was uneventful and he has nothing to say at this time (he is deeply engrossed in a Tom Clancy novel)
By the from home is that we are going to have our 4th grandson sometime next March. How exciting!
Don't forget to pray for our SAFE trip !! More news and pictures Sunday!
Mary and Jim

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fabulous accounting of your experiences! Though I can't reply often, know you're being thought of & prayed for each day. The pictures are a nice touch & bring us into your adventure. The market experience looked similar to that in Helsinki. is a free online site to post an album of your trip when you return home. = )

Take care, stay safe, & enjoy the pineapple & bananas!