Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday October 7, 2007 Praise and Worship

We started our day by attending church here on campus. The worship team led in music both in English and Pidgen. Patrick preached today using Psalm 19 as the core of his sermon. God's direction is clear if we will just turn to The Bible for guidance.
After church we came back to the house and picked up the dishes we had prepared for the potluck to be held with other missionaries in the area. This was held at Kudjip Hospital. They have a pavilion down the road from the hospital near the housing for the missionaries, where everyone gathered for the meal. We met the Drs. and several wives and after eating we presented them with 9 boxes of medical supplies. (See picture) The supplies were much appreciated and they assured us they would be able to use them.
Following the meal we all gathered in the hospital chapel...a separate building. Here we sang hymns, read scripture, had a time to voice praises and then one of the Drs. who had just returned from furlow and who had spoken to many churches while on furlow shared with the group his presentation coupled with a slide show. The presentation gave us a great overview of this hospital and the services they provide. (110 beds with 4000 admissions yearly and they see 40,0000 a year in the outpatient department. ) We were so glad to be there for this presentation.
After returning to CLTC Jan and I visited one of the ladies on campus who had a new baby. The family lives in a very small house with their now 4 children and it would take more time than I have here to describe the living quarters. Later Jan asked me if I was in culture shock and I told her if I had to live like that I would be but we come back from that to a clean house. This afternoon we ended our day with a beautiful rainbow!
A great day complete with more new experiences!
Mary and Jim

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