Friday, October 12, 2007

First Aid Course Completed

Today was the last day of the first aid course. The class did well on their 20 question test! They are so sweet .. see picture. Tonight we had a party here at our place for them. Jan and Karis came down and we had popcorn, hot tea and cookies. They loved it! We played games and Karis (Jan and Patrick's 7 y/o) was our social director. She is a real card shark and loves games.

After eating and playing games I showed them the pictures we had taken earlier today. They each want copies and so we told them we would get copies made and mail them. Lots of hugs were given, they prayed for us and they presented me with a bilum, which is a net bag used as a carry all by women throughout PNG.

This afternoon we took the medications donated by our church to the CLTC clinic. The principal, Eric Takila was there as well as the clinic nurse, Joy. (See Picture) Afterwards and between patients, Joy and I were able to stock the shelves with the meds. Thanks again Avondale First Baptist!
Tomorrow is a trip in to Mt Hagen. The bus leaves at 7:30 and so we need to go to bed now so we won't miss the bus...I have made my grocery list and we are prepared to shop for whatever we need for the next 2 weeks.
More later....
The Duffies


Anonymous said...

Mary and Jim,
Know that we miss you and have been praying for you! So good to know what you have been neat to hear about the Lord's work being done in NG.Thank you for being willing to serve there. No doubt, you will come back changed.
Take care, give our love to the Halls, and know that we're continuing to pray for you!
Rhonda and Clay

Isaac said...

AccordingFIRST AID to the professionals in medicine, first aid which is the very first assistance offered to save a life, should be given until the casualty is placed in the careful hands of nurses and doctors to responsibly handle them.

iram akram said...

Hey my friends I tell you some tips. he one day practical component commences with a theory based session of basic first aid principals, then the remainder of the day consists of practical demonstration and training on bandaging, bleeding, trauma management, cardiac arrest and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Response), plus a range of associated topics.